Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Teacher

Mr s is good looking he looks sporty and he is. He is tall and has the skin colour of cream and has Black hair which is curly. He has one son and he is so cute.

Mr s is Personality is making people laugh. He loves to make people laugh, sometimes when he growls somebody he makes it funny so that the person doesn't cry.

Some of Mr S is hobbies are playing sports and chilling out with his class children, sometimes we even play outside just like yesterday we played T Ball.

Mr S is the best Teacher ever, He makes us Laugh and He 

comes up with best words ever like YOU DA WOMAN, but sometimes he can be really growl y!

The thing that I like about Mr Somerville is that he let’s us do anything such as Making Movies, Chilling Out and being normal. But

Sometime before Lunch time I love to hang around with my Teacher, But since I am an Ambassador he does not allow me to do those things any more.

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