Thursday, March 21, 2013

Get Lost @ Camp

On the third day of camp, ' Synergy ' did an Activity called Get Lost, It was all about getting Lost, This game include Ipads, Clues, and Cardboard Boxes. Our First clue lead us to the senior park. On the ground we found a clue and it said " Make the word Co-operation with you body " As we were finishing off the word we ran out side the dental clinic, and found a clue that told us to Create an Pyramid us your whole team.

Our Third clue lead us to the Omaru Creek and on the clue it said to "Sing your favourite song that we sing in assemble" We sang the National anthem and had to record it. Then, the next clue said that " I'm the biggest tent of them all. So we ran to the big Margue in the Margue it said to make, a cardboard Box.

To Be Continued :

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