Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First day of Camp.

 It was another exciting morning for me.  Do you want to know why? ......
I’m going to CAMP! Waiting patiently, I couldn’t wait to get to school. Looking around I saw a lot of people in mufti.

Did you know that our camp name is Synergy and we have the best camp teacher ever!  Miss Va’afusuaga.

First we had to go to the hall to find out who we were going to sleep with.
I’m going to sleep with Asena, Ata and Desire. Waiting anxiously I really, really wanted to know what our first activity was.

“ Yay “ I screamed “ Kayaking “ Walking down to the Pt. England Beach we saw some Year 8 students setting up our kayaks and our paddles. I was so excited.

When we were down at the beach Hannah and I went on the double kayak and had lots of fun. But it came to a point where we starting to lose control and we got scared, "What are we going to do " I said.  " I don't know " replied Hannah.

As we were close to land Hannah tipped the boat over and made both of us fall out. Working as a team Hannah and I managed to get back to shore.

Overall , I really like camp. Kayaking has been my favourite activity so far, especially bumping in to the other boats. One of my favourite things to do at night is to make silly noises and get in to trouble.  But I hope I don’t get caught because then I might have to sleep with the teachers.


  1. Well now that you have put your secret plans out to the whole world to read, you may just in fact end up getting caught!
    I will be listening extra closely to your tent!!!!!

    Have an amazing camp Lesieli!

  2. Hi Miss King,
    I just realized that I just told my secret out to the world, And I'm sure that they were keeping a closely eye on my tent.

    Better luck Next Time Right.