Monday, March 4, 2013

Things Gone Missing!

This is My Writing Sample that I managed to do In 40 Minutes. Tune in Next week to see what my edited version will look like. 

Start Writing Here :
“It’s a weird day today” said Dad “Things a gone missing” “The Important things” he said “You are right” said Jaden “My Psp has gone missing”. Today Jaden and Justine were throwing things out, WITHOUT THEIR PARENT'S PERMISSION. They threw out things like Phones, Dad’s old Guitar, And photos of Dad and Mum in their young days.

So they all started blaming each other. Jaden and Justine were blaming Mum and Dad. And Mum and Dad were blaming Jaden and Justine. So little by little more things went missing such as Bobby John’s Toys. Then all of a sudden they had noticed that Bobby John had Mysteriously gone! They looked everywhere but no sign of Bobby John anywhere.

After a while Jaden and Justine went looking into Bobby John’s Room and they saw him sleeping in his bed. “You two still have some explaining to do” said Mum and Dad.

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