Thursday, June 21, 2012


I was pretty excited. This trip had the makings of a new experience, which had something to do with Clay and a heated swimming pool.

On Wednesday Room 14 and Room 17 went to an Art workshop held at Youthtown.

Listening to the instruction we finally got to move onto the next class which was a Clay WorkShop. While room 14 were making clay Room 17 was relaxing in the hot nice pool with their teacher.

Our first instruction was to get the books for inspiration patterns. As soon as we had our patterns we had to put our hand up and wait patiently for Sue to roll out the Clay. Getting the clay in my hands felt really cold but I managed to get sorted and get going with my Art work.

Rowling the Clay from palm to fingers was really exhausting and roughing the edges was really trying as well. Spreading the slip on the clay was hard because the slip was always sticking to my fingers. Finally it was time to spread some glass onto our art. Then it was time to put our art into the kiln to cook.  



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