Friday, June 29, 2012

Term Two Reflection

Term Two Reflection


I am a enthusiastic girl so I like to share my work on a Presentation or a Blog post. But this term I have been learning to show my work in different ways.

But this term I have been working on getting better at reading book one of my goals for reading was to read at a age 12. And that has came true.

In reading I haven't been completing my tasks properly so this year I will make sure that I will work on my reading. Next term I need to improve in my reading and not rush because if I rush all the time the audience wouldn't know what I’m talking about.

This term my goal is to work hard and achieve in writing!. Overall this term I feel amazed, because we have learned so many new stuff. But over the past few terms I have been awesome writing.

But I really need to work one my sentence beginnings. Next term I need to work on my sentence beginning. So when I published it people will really be interested in it.

Having maths is fun. Especially learning new strategies like Tidy Tens and Comparisons. Once our maths is finished we do something called Practice Sheet.But sometimes maths is s hard for people but not for me maths is like the easy’s subjects out of reading writing and Multimedia.

This term I haven’t been completing my Practice sheets properly so I am working on having the habit to always do Practice sheet. I need to improve in doing my Practice sheets and having the habit of doing it all the time.


This term I have learnt that it better to rub a little bit out than all of it.
I did well in my time laps of my face. I have also been learning how to make movies and edit it myself .

I haven’t been on multimedia that much so I haven’t been much about my animation.
Next term I have to improve on making movies and editing my own work

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