Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pop Art...

I have made an Movie that is inspired by a popular Artist called Andy Warhol. This year our Inquiry is about Art Alive and I have made a movie of myself starring in it.  

Hope you Enjoy


  1. Super cool Lesieli.
    Did you just use Hyperstudio to make that? I love it.
    Well done

    1. Hey Miss king..

      You a absolutely right I did use Hyperstudio and I also used iMovie on a multimedia.. Hope you Enjoyed it... Thanks for that comment.

      Thanks for watching...

  2. Wow Lisieli! That is an awesome movie you have shared. I can see hours of work in that and the influence of Andy Warhol comes through clearly.

    Well done!

    And what a great example to use to back up your application to be a 2013 Ambassador :)

    Mrs Burt

  3. OK Lesieli, I think youre really Rockin' it here!

    I lke the way you're marketing yourself so positively and I LOVE your application to be a Pt England Ambassador.

    Well done

    Mr Burt