Thursday, June 21, 2012

PEPA Showcase

It was another year of happiness as the PEPA Pt England performing Arts danced their hearts of to make many Pt englander’s happy.

On Wednesday the PEPA crew had a showcase celebrating the outstanding of us Pt Englanders. Sitting down the light came out and ash’s filled the room as we clapped and laughed through the night.

Looking from left to right I wonder if it’s starting. Then BOOM I hear a loud scream the night began. Having fun my favourite action came on hip hop “WOO HOO “  I shouted. The music began and the happiness began.

The night was filled with anticipation and everybody was happy going home I felt lonely because the music was gone and the people was gone. Having fun I really enjoyed the PEPA showcase.

Thank to Miss Muliamasealii for making our day wonderful and fun...

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