Monday, August 19, 2013

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

A shepherd-boy, who watched a flock of sheep near a village, brought out the villagers three or four times by crying out, "Wolf! Wolf!" and when his neighbours came to help him, he laughed at them for their pains. The Wolf, however, did truly come at last. The Shepherd-boy, now was really in trouble , shouted in  terror: "Pray, do come and help me; the Wolf is killing the sheep"; but no one paid any attention to his cries  The Wolf, having no cause of fear, at the predator destroyed the whole flock.
The moral of the story in this story, The moral of the story is that we should not lie. a liar will not be believed, even when he tells the truth. This Moral, means a lot in my life because, it teaches me not to lie, because one day when I am telling the truth my family night not believe me.

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