Thursday, August 8, 2013

Snow White and 7 dwarfs!

Once Upon a time in a Great Castle,  a Princess daughter grew up, happy and contented, in spite of her Evil Stepmother jalousie. Snow White, is a beauty! She has eye’s as Blue as a River and Long Black hair, as rapunzel, I should also mention that she has skin as white as snow! And that’s why they called her Snow White. 

Though her stepmother was a wicked lady, she was very beautiful, and the magic mirror told her this every day, whenever she asked it. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the loveliest lady in the land?"  The reply was always; "You are, your Majesty," Until, the dreadful night came. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the loveliest land in the land?” “Snow White is the loveliest of them all” the mirror replied. 

The stepmother was affronted and wild with jealousy. So the wicked stepmother, began her mission. Calling one of her trusty servants, she mumbled him with rich award to take Snow White into the forest, far away from the great Castle.  Then, unseen he must kill her. The greedy servants attracted to the reward, agreed to do this crime, and led Snow white away.  

However when, they come across a fatal spot, the servant’s courage went out the door. Leaving the  little girl at the tree, he mumbled a lie and left the poor, little Snow White lying there.  Snow White was all alone in the forest. 

Night came, but the servant did not return. Snow white was alone in the dark forest. So Snow white began to cry bitterly. She thought she could feel, the terrible eyes of animals, spying on her, and she heard strange noises, like rustling that made her heart, beat like bongos. At last, her tiredness overcame her, and it was to have a snooze.

Snow White slept but the thing that kept on wakening her from time to time, was the darkness that was around her. Several times, she thought she felt something, or something touching her as she slept.  At last, dawn broke, to the singing of birds, and so did Snow White too, awoke. The world, that she thought was a nightmare, was actually a lovely forest. 

However the thick tree, was building a wall around here, so she tried to find her way out. Finally she came across a path, she walked along. On she walked till she came across a clearing. There stood, a tiny cottage, tiny door, tiny windows, everything was tiny. Everything about the cottage, was Tierney that she thought it would be. “I wonder who lives her” she said to herself, looking around the kitchen “What tiny plates!” “And what tiny spoons” “I’m pretty sure that there is 7 of them” she mumbled. 

Upstairs, there was a bedroom, with seven little bed as tidy, as anything. Going back to the kitchen she had a plan. “I’ll make them something to eat, so that when they get back home, they will be glad to see a meal ready for them” she said in her mind. 

Towards dusk, seven tiny men, marched home singing. But when they opened the door, to their surprise they found a bowl of hot steaming soup on the table. Upstairs was Snow White, fast asleep on one of the beds. The head of all the dwarfs gently patted her. 

“Who are you” he asked. Snow white told her sad story, and tears came to the dwarfs eyes. Then one of them said, while blowing his nose “You can stay here “With us” the little dwarf said. “Hooray! Hooray!” they cheered, dancing cheerfully. The Seven dwarfs said this to Snow White: 

You can live here and and you can do the housework, if you want.  Don't worry about your stepmother leaving you in the forest. We love you and trust me, we will take care of you!" Snow White was filled with gratefulness that she chose to accept their hospitality, and next morning the dwarfs set off for work. But they warned Snow White not to open the door to strangers.

Meanwhile the servant, went back to the castle, with the heart of Roa Dear. He gave it to the wicked stepmother, and telling her that it was the heart of Snow White, so that he could claim the prize. Once again the mother was pleased, the stepmother then turned back to the magic mirror. But her hopes were destroyed, for the mirror replied: "The loveliest in the land is still Snow White, who lives in the seven dwarfs' cottage, down in the forest." 

“She must die! She must die!” she yelled. Disguising herself, as a peasant old lady,  she had a plan. She got a apple that she had poisoned years ago.  Getting the poisoned apple she left, in the basket with the other apples. Cutting her way, through the forest,. She reached the bank unseen, just as Snow White stood waving goodbye to the seven dwarfs on their way to work. Snow White was in the kitchen, when she heard a “KNOCK! KNOCK” went the door. 

“Who’s there” she said confusingly, “I am peasant old, woman” “Who is selling apples” came the reply, “I don’t need any apple” “Thank You” Snow White replied. “But-But- they are beautiful apples, that a tremendously juicy” said the voice, from outside of the door.  “Well, you see, that I am not aloud to open the door” Snow White replied. 

  “And you sure a right, Good girl! But, if you promised not to open the door to strangers, then that means that you can not buy, a juice apple” said the mysterious voice from outside.  “And for listing to your  mother I am going to give you a sweet apple. Without a further or do, Snow white opened the door. 

“There! Now isn't that a nice apple?” Snow white bit into the apple, and as she did she fell to the ground in a fatal faint. The effect of the poisoned fruit left her lifeless!  Now laughing evilly, the wicked stepmother rushed off. But as she ran back across the swamp, she tripped and fell into the quicksand. No one heard her cries for help, and she disappeared without a trace. 

Meanwhile, the dwarfs came out of the mine to find the sky had grown dark and stormy. Loud thunder was every where through the valleys and streaks of lightning filled the sky. Worrying  about Snow Whites they ran as quickly as they could down the mountain to the cottage.  There they saw Snow White, lying still and lifeless, next to her lied the apple by her side. They did their best to bring her back to life, but it was no use. 

They dug and dug for a long time. Then they laid her on a bed of rose petals, carried her into the forest and put her in a crystal coffin.  Each day they laid a flower there.  Then one evening, they discovered a strange young man admiring Snow White's lovely face through the glass. After listening to the story, the Prince made a suggestion. "If you allow, me to take her" "I will call famous doctors, to come and awakes her, from this poising sleep" "She's so lovely I'd love to kiss her!"

So He did, and as though by magic, the Prince's kiss broke the spell. To everyone's great surprise, Snow White opened her eyes. She had amazingly come back to life! Since Snow White woke up, the prince asked her "To Marry Him" so now the dwarfs reluctantly had to say good bye to Snow White. 

From that day on, Snow White lived happily in a great castle. But from time to time, she was always taken back to visit the little cottage down in the forest.

Moral in of the story: Things may look nice on the outside but can be mean on the inside. 

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