Friday, August 2, 2013

Hansel and Gretel

Once Upon a Time, there lived a poor woodcutter, who lived in a tiny cottage, with his two children Hansel and Gretel. The woodcutter had a second wife, who often treated the kids badly, and was always nagging the, Woodcutter to abandon his kids in the forest!

“We don’t have enough food in the house for, everyone to eat” Theres too many mouths in the house” “We must get rid of your two childish kids” the Evil Stepmother demanded. And she kept on trying to, persuade her husband.

“Take them miles away from home” “So they can never find there back home” she said. On night, Hansel overheard his parent conversation.  “Don’t worry, if they take milled from home, then we will find our way back home” he said to Gretel.

Just, before they sleep, Hansel, slipped little pebbles into his pockets. All night, the Stepmother harpered and harped, till at dawn, the woodcutter lead his children into forest. Walking along, the green grass Hansel began, dropping the little pebbles.

But, at one point, the two kids found that there father was gone. “He must of mumbled a lie, and leaped of” Hansel said. The moon, came down, but the woodcutter, still didn’t return. Gretel started, to show her emotions, Hansel was also scared, but he tried to comfort his sister by, telling here “It will be alright”

“Don’t cry, trust me” “I know what I’m talking about” Getting, his sisters hand he, walked her to the place where, he dropped the first pebble. “Here, i dropped, white pebbled, that made a trail, back home” Hansel said. Following the trail, they found the way back home.

Climbing, thought the half window opened, the tip-toed into their room and slept.  The next day, the stepmother discovered that they were back. She got furious, and locked the children in their bedroom. The wicked stepmother then kept Hansel and Gretel locked away, in there room.

With nothing, to have for supper, but a bit of water and bread. Then the Stepmother and the Father Quarreled,  then again the woodcutter, lead his children into the forest. However, Hansel, don’t eat his bread, and left a trail again, but the Hansel, had forgotten about the hungry birds, that were in the forest.

“I’m scared” Gretel said, “It all right, I have left a trail, like last time” Hansel said. Fortunately, hansel forgot, about the hungry birds in the forest. As night fell, that started walking, but to their great surprise, the crums was GONE! “I’m scared, I want to go home” Gretel said

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