Thursday, October 18, 2012

Narrative Writing The Shops.

Summer sat down at yet-another Shop waiting for her Ice Cream to be served to her. Sitting there she felt bored so she walked around the block to make sure she doesn't fall asleep.

Walking back she realized that some by the name of Cameron had taken her order “ What a thief “ she said. So she walked back and asked for a refund but the lady said “ SORRY NO REFUNDS ”

But as the night went pass Police cars filled up the shops looking for a girl named CAMERON “ YOUNG LADY HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL “ in a shivering way Summer answered back “ Y---E---S ”

“ Are you cameron ” asked the police’s to a young lady walking by. “ No ” she answered back. But really when you look into her eyes the Policies knew straight away. “ Young lady you are arrested for stealing and for lying to the police ” “ Sorry summer for stealing your Ice Cream”.

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