Monday, October 15, 2012

Lucky Prize Winners.

Listing and Looking, Mrs Burt came out and said " now it time for some prize for people who have been sharing there knowledge on there blog!!!. Sitting there I though to myself, there is not way that it would be me. I got it last term so I think I might not get it again. Then the next thing you know... my name is called out in first place is ..."LESIELI" ... I froze and looked.There was Mrs Burt waiting for me to come up. I got a prize pack and my friend Josephine and Rave had one too.

Thanks very much for picking me it an pleasure to get this prize again!!!!


  1. Hey Lesieli,
    You did deserve it. You are so lucky to get speakers for your netbook. Getting the little android was so cool as well. Anyway, I can't wait to read more interesting post. Keep up the great work Lesieli.


    1. Hey Vivienne,
      You deserved it as well, And you all so leave thoughtful comments. I like the words you use. It Encourager me to go forward with my Work, I can't wait to read more interesting post Keep up the great work and you will get the prize