Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly.

I walked into school and there it was the topic board. "I like to move it, move it". I had no clue what it meant but I just wanted to wait for assembly. Oops, you may be wondering why I would want to wait for assembly. Each term on the first day we always have Immersion Assembly, it's not like other assemblies. It is Different. And by different it was really different.

We started the day a bit like this: I arrived at school at 7:50am just before 8:00am. Finally I was reunited with my friends again. We had a little chit chat, then the ball rang "Well I guess its time to go to class" Mao exclaimed. I ran towards my class but there was still no sign of our teacher. "Miss Squires" I yelled. It was just after 8:30am and Miss Squires arrived.

Entering our class room, we only had 20 minutes to mark the roll, and put the chairs away. Class 4 started by doing the roll and soon after the roll, we quickly put the chairs in their places and then we were off to assembly. Slowly walking to the hall, I saw a bunch of balloons taped to the ground. "I think they're helium balloons" I thought to myself. We finally were seated.

"Tena kotou tamariki ma" Mr Burt Yelled. "Tena Koe Mr Burt" we yelled. And from there on that's where the fun began. The performances started from Team 1. They presented a movie that was based on the zoo. It wasn't about the animals, it was about all the things that makes a zoo safe, not only for animals but for people who visit.

Then it was time for Team 2, I thought they did a terrific job. Their act was based on magnificent flying machines. It was great. All the team 2 teachers were dressed as planes, and Mrs Glaze was the pilot of all the planes. The teachers were Miss Eadie, Mrs She, Mrs Glaze and Miss Dwyer. They were great actors.

Team 1 - Zoo Safety.
Team 2 - Magnificent Flying machines, Pilot, Fairy.
Team 3 - Colours, and speed of Light.
Team 4 - Buoyancy and flotation.
Team 5 - Sound.

Over all the morning was great, I enjoyed all of the performances!

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