Thursday, May 15, 2014

What is Echolocation?

Echolocation is a sound wave which locates an object. Whales, People  as well as other creatures use Echolocation, not only to see but to sense their prey. They send high-pitched sound which bounces off an object and ricochets back to the mammals/people.

Bats send sound waves using two different ways, thur their Mouths OR their Nose. When the sound that the bats send out hits an object it comes ricocheting back the exact same sound. Did you know that when the sound echoes back, the bats can tell what the Shape, Size of the creature is.  Isn’t that just amazing!

Ben Underwood - Cancer was Bens sickness he was diagnosed with blindness when he was only 2 years of age. Then when he was still 2, his mother had the decision to take out his eyes or continue doing treatment. And she chose to take out his eyes.

Since then Ben has been blind, but he has discovered a new ability. He has started clicking, when he clicks the objects near by echos back the same sound and thats how he knows that there's something near by.  He can now run up the steps and skate.

Dolphins, also use Echolocation not to see but to sense their prey. When dolphins send out a sound it bounces off their prey, and then the Dolphins alert to the sound and swims towards the prey. Echolocation is just another way of communicating. It is not only for animals but for humans too.  

Two years after the making of a documentary on him, his cancer came back and he passed. - Rest Easy Ben.

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