Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sound Explanation.

Sound. What is it? When an object vibrates, it pushes the air molecules  into each other which starts a reaction of collusion  thats travels in the air. The collusion travels in waves, which is also known as soundwaves.. When theses sound waves  hit your ear drum it vibrates in your ear. It then converts  electrical signals which interprets the brain, then our brain notice it as sound.

How is sound different? Sound is different by the pitch. The pitch goes high as well as low. The volumes a different. Did you know that when the sound waves are small the pitch is high. And when the sound waves are big,  the pitch is low, very interesting right?

Did you know that there is no sound in space. That is because there is no air for the air molecules to make sound. So in space there is no sound at all, because there can’t be any vibration between the air molecules. Don’t you think the world will be very weird, and quite boring if there was no sound. Sound has a huge impact in our lifes, we use it as a everyday living.

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