Monday, October 21, 2013

What would happen if no-one paid their taxes?

Could you survive without Hospitals, Doctors, School, Police’s and The Navy?  What would our community look like? How would crime be solved without the police? And that’s why paying taxes, is an important part of New Zealand life.

You might be wondering, what the word taxes mean. Taxes is a special fee that the government requires to pay for : Health, Heritage, Culture, and Recreation, Transport and Communication Education, Social Security and Welfare, Housing and Community Development.

If taxes are not paid, you will get penalised, and the environment that we will be living in will be dirty! Penalised means that ,if you haven’t paid the recent amount of tax, there will be extra charges.


If everybody didn’t pay their taxes, the things that we need the most will slowly disappear! Such as: Hospital Staff won’t get paid, medicine will run out, Care for the patient’s will no longer be there. Police won’t be around, to help people if they are having trouble. But of course the rich people will be able to pay their taxes. But let's think of the poor. 

The main functions of Inland Revenue Department are the Assessment and the collection of taxes. The department has 6 subdivided. Out of those six I can only name 3 : Administrative, Data processing, Property Taxes.

Property Tax, is a different kind, of tax. This tax, is when a homeowner has bought a house. Even though the owner has bought the house and it is theirs, it still means that the owner has to pay property tax!

GST is tax, but a different kind of tax. GST tax, is when you go shopping, and you will find GST, at the bottom of the receipt. You may have noticed that when you buy something, like a toy or a game, in a store the price tag says $.99, the shop keeper will be expected to give 15% of that amount to the government.

The IRD, collects the money by taking money out of peoples income. After collecting the money, the IRD takes the money that they have collected from taxes and hands it to the government, to spend on good cause such as : Health, Recreation Centres, Transportation, Education and Community development.

You can get money not only from that tax money taken out of your income, but you can get the money from Charities and Churches (eg 7th Day Adventist Church ).

Taxes, by law are required to be paid. At times people who earn money and don't pay their taxes, but little do they know, it could cause a massive impact! You could go to jail or Court, you could be suspended from your job, or even the government won't supply you with money anymore. 

When you enter university you will find that you borrow money called a student loan. Student loans are designed to help students pay for university books, extra classes and more. By law, you will have to pay it back, when you have  finished university.

Revenue means Money ( Inland Money Department !). Tax is not from the government! It is from the people who are working and are earning income. Tax money goes to fund many different types of programmes.

It might be used to fix roads and bridges, or even it also might be used to pay for hospitals, healthcare, welfare and It may be used to help your own education.

In 2010, the government spent 60$ billion dollars on the things we need the most. 64.5 BILLION dollars is the amount of that, was used to help the things that we need the most.


Without paying your taxes, the environment that we will be living in will be super dirty! There won't be school, no Hospitals, no Police and there won't be any jobs for you mums and dads! So that why paying your taxes is important.

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  1. Hi, what a great article Lesieli. You have researched it well. I hope you find out lots of new things when you are in Wellington. Miss Wood