Friday, October 25, 2013

Farming Narrative.

With wind blowing against his back, Travis stretched his aching arms and grabbed onto a piece of the next door neighbour's wheat. Struggling to pull the wheat, the wheat came free. He felt so relieved.

“Finally” Travis thought to himself as a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead.  Trudging through the thick snow, he made his way up the icy steps to find that his house was full of ice. He lifted his hand and knocked. Clanking door knobs echoed everywhere.  In his house there was a shovel, and a bag of corn seeds.

Travis stood there speechless, playing with his fingers. To show respect, Travis bowed down to the bag of corn seed. The next day Travis woke up extra early. Pouring the seed into a huge bowl he set of.

So off he went, he took the Shovel and the corn bag of seed. Digging little wholes, he put 2 seeds in a whole.As he was pouring the seeds into the holes, he felt something weird, trickle down his back spine. Din Din Din. It was Kimberley, the woman that Travis hated for many years.

“So, I see that you have, that that bag of wheat seeds?” “Um-Um yeah”. “So, tomorrow morning, I need that seed bag” “But it, was a gift for me!” “Not you” replied Travis.  “It doesn't matter if it for me or you” “I just need that bag!”
The following day Travis woke, up. And instead of taking the bag of seeds, he hid it. So he grabbed the key and went down to, Kimberley house. Knock Knock went the door knob. Kim opened it up. “Yeah, so where's my bag of seeds?“So Kim, I so sorry to tell, you but, while I was cleaning up last night, I looked back, and bag of seed was gone” To Be Continued!

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