Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Rapunzel. One day while she was picking up rubbish, in her house, her mother came and said “ Rapunzel, I’m going to be out for a few days, so take care” so of she went.

As soon as rapunzels mother left, rapunzel felt the need of going to her mothers room. So on she walked, when she walked into her mothers room, there was a coat on top of the bed.

Pulling the coat down, there was a letter under it. In that letter she found her mothers name on it, so she started to read it. The letter was from a lady called Jade ( Rapunzel real mother ).

In the letter, Jade, said that she wanted to see Rapunzel, her daughter. Then at the bottom of the letter, it said to drop her off to Tauranga. So guess what? Rapunzel left auckland, for Tauranga.

When, Rapunzels mother found the letter, she had the feeling of revenge. So as revenge, She turned up to Jade’s house just before Rapunzel, and said that she had rapunzel with her.

As Jade was coming out of the house, Rapunzels mother, grabbed her by the hand dragged her to a secret place, and started to assault her. She punched her several times to the head.

Now, that her revenge was done, she ran off leaving Jade unconscious. “Arch-Arch” Jade cried out. While she was crying out, Rapunzel was just around the corner, and went to Jade.

When she got there Jade said “Rapunzel” when Rapunzel heard her saying her name, she look shocked. “How, how do you know my name?” Without no reply Rapunzel called for help. While, they were at the hospital, Jade explained everything, and why she gave Rapunzel up.

Up to this date, Rapunzels real mother still can’t be found anywhere.  

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