Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Private Jet ( Narrative )

People say that I, Jet the plane, is the best Private Jet ever. Brooke Warner, my owner has been working hard to keep our customers satisfied. “Kia Ora, our aircraft for today is Mason, and our destination is wellington”. “The weather out in wellington is raining with, south westerly winds". “Thank you for picking plane Jet to fly with".

Today dad was heading to wellington, and I have been left behind!.Me and John. Are siblings theres only 2 of us, but we have many half brothers and sisters. Last night when we got home, the phone rang. Rushing to the phone we both grabbed it. “Hello” “Yeah yah, is the the O'Brien family?” “Yes, I'm Rachel and this is John, how may we help you?”

“Your, Your father has been killed in a plane accident, and has sadly passed away” “Wait what, dad has what” “Yes I’m afraid so” said the voice thru the phone.” Rachel froze she couldn't believe what had happened.

Early that day Rachel, was so angry at her dad and said so mean words to him. But she never expected his life will be gone so early. “This is all my fought!” Shouted Rachel, "I should have never said that to him"

“Rachel stop blaming yourself” said John “Stop blaming yourself for what?” Said Kimberly “Mummm, dad has passed away in a plane accident” “What, no you can’t be serious?” “Mum she's telling the truth” said John.

“Turn on the Tele turn on the tele!” Yelled Rachel. “We are live with breaking reports, we cross to Francis for more information” said the news reporter “ At approximately 10:00 the winds coming down from Wellington was, so strong that Jet lost control and crashed into Green bay”

“10 people has  been killed in accident and 10 has major injuries” “But, there is still no clue, of the aircraft” “We would be back with you in 10” “Turn it off turn it off” “I can’ take it any more” shouted Rachel.

"We are back with more information, It has been said that the aircraft, had did a runner" Costumers say "Well, we were just taking off, and as we were taking off, the plane had just stooped" "Then the next thing you know we a heading right for the bay" Since that crash, we have lost our dad, and "Plane Jet" is out of business.

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