Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wellington Trip ( Part 1 )

7:30: Plane Trip
Today, we are off to the wonderful capital Wellington! So far we are enjoying the ride, and looking outside is the best part of the trip. Recently we have been blogging about Taxes and things that would happen without anybody paying taxes. Well, all that blogging was for our trip today, which was going to Wellington, and speaking to the IRD. ( Inland Revenue Department )

8:30: Arriving at Wellington
We have currently just came off the plane, and so far I am not liking it at all. The weather is terrible, and to top it off, while we are in the Van, you can feel the Van moving as it drives through the city. But maybe, just because Wellington knows that Auckland people are here. Heheh, just joking. Anyway, are on our way to the IRD, and we can't wait to get there. I'll update you when we get there.

8:50: Inland Revenue Department/Speech
WOW, we have just got here and it is impressive. Instead of pressing the up and down button in between the lift, there is a number pad. You then press a number and tells you which lift to go to.  So here we are in the one and only IRD and it is amazing. Nichole, our "Organiser" has been very great, and has provided us with Lunch and Afternoon tea, as well as little prize packs! Incredible. Now wish us luck for our speech.

10:30: Speech done and dusted. Part 1
Feewhee, we have just finished our speech and we are currently eating. Besides eating we are really enjoying the view, across the IRD is a huge building. the Railway Station. Then beside it is BNZ, then on the other side of the building is, one section of Victoria University.

10:30: Mr and Mrs Burts Speech. Part 2
Every time, after the ambassadors have given their speech, Mr and Mrs Burt explain further and that is what is happening now. Wellington is great!  Our next stop is the Beehive ( Parliament )

10:50: Parliament.
Okay now that everything is done and dusted, it is just time to head to parliament.

To be Continued... In the next few weeks.............


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  2. What an exciting trip you had Lesieli. I really enjoyed reading all about it and seeing the photos. Miss Wood

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