Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Seed.

Once Upon a time there lived Two Tribes, the Scarabs and the Chafers. Between the two tribes was an Border, The border was there to show the distance between the two tribes, No one dared to cross it!

Suddenly something large fell from the sky. It was thought to be an Strange Object. The Scarabs study the object closely. The Chafers on the other hand, made sketches and notes.

The two tribes came to the same conclusion it was 100% Cherry Stone.  And a Cherry stone is a seed that if it would be planted in the ground it will grow into a great Tree.

There was only problem, the cherrystone had came to land right on the border, so that meant that no one could claim it. The two tribes tried to Pull and Pull but the stone did not move.

Then as the two tribes came to have a war they noticed that the stone was no where  to be found. As they were walking along looking for the stone saw a Cherry Tree.

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