Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Going to the Omaru Creek.

Enjoying the Sunlight Room Sixteen, Seventeen, and Eighteen went for a Scavenger Hunt. At first I thought it will be Boring but it turned out fine. It sure was a long walk but, we made it there in the End.

As we got there Me, Josephine and Rave teamed up. We made a great team as we were looking for things that were written on the paper, that was given to us.  

Looking for Tree’s and Animals were the ones that we got stuck on.  When we found these things we went right down to where the river ended (AKA) where it was Damned. But Guess what? The river ended but the Path didn’t so we carried on to see where we will end up at.

We made it up to where the Tamaki College Entrance was. As we were going to run Back my Friend saw another path which leads to our Reserve. So we took that Path instead. Running made me tired so I walked really slowly and Finally made it back to school.

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