Friday, September 28, 2012

Visiting Tamaki Collage.

Wow I thought this day will never come around. Today I am Defiantly going to Tamaki Collage. I know I've been there a lot of times, But today I went for a visit. As I was walking thought the hallway I saw that some student were settle at school. Hmm mm why?. One of the students was my brother I was wondering why he never stays at school.

" Well well " I said " Joe what you doing here " He said that he was working on stuff with his teacher " What kind stuff " I said," Just go to the computer room " he replied. Walking down the hall my brother's teacher said  "Joe's little sister come back I got some exciting news to tell you " 

Walking into room she said this " Your brother is a very hard working student and for that he has earned a scholarship" WOW. I went crazy I was jumping up the walls and happy the teacher said that I must be a very incurring sister. 

I had a great time with Mr Stevenson and the computer room it was amazing. Thanks for sharing the great news with me.

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