Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lesieli Mornings.

As the bright warm light shined into my room my eyes I woke up to a relaxing morning until I heard an unusual noise.. " Lesieli, get up and get ready for school!" Banging the pillow on my face, I wondered should I have breakfast or go and watch TV. 

Making a quick decision, I made my mum proud by having breakfast. But I was just thinking what should I have for breakfast cereal or toast ?  

Munching on my crunching toast, I saw my annoying Brother wandering from the hallway into the kitchen. Should I ask him how he is or should I just carry on with my peaceful Breakfast Hmmmm ? 

After Breakfast I realized that I was late. " Zoom " I went up and out " Cough, Cough ! went mum choking on the dust I had left behind.

Off to school now. To be continued. 

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