Thursday, September 27, 2012

Made up story.

As the bright warm light shined into Tiara’s room she woke up to a fun morning, Until she heard an unusual noise. “ Tiara Tiara we are going for a family vacation”.  “VACATION” She answered back. Walking into her room she slammed the door and started talking to herself.

While Tiara was in her room she reminded herself that she was going to celebrate her Friends birthday today Kaitlyn she was turning 12 and her BIrthday party was just in a FEW MINUTES it was going to be held at the Pt England Reserve“  AHHH “ she screamed.

Sitting in her room she started talking to herself saying things were going to be great. And that she would have a great time at the Beach with her friends.

Getting her stuff ready Tiara realized that she asked Kaitlyn and her family to pick her up. “ OH NO “ she had mucked up everything.

“ Think Tiara Think ” all thought Tiara doesn't have a very good brain she still found a way to solve this crisis. And that is to spend half of the day with her friend’s and have a good time and then go and spend the whole day with her very special Family.

Overall Tiara had a great day and Enjoyed having time with friends as well as her family. She made lots of different friends. I think that if charter was really her future will be great. This story is based on My inspiration Crew 8 Flavahz.

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