Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Free Writing Narrative.

Rachel held her phone up close to his shoulder as he walked thur the horrifying forest. Wind whistling and bushes moving was all he could see and hear. "Willi?" Rachel cried nervously. She weirdly thought, that he saw Willie walking into the hart of the forest so she followed him. Although, she really want to get out of as soon as possible. Suddenly, Rachel started to feel weird, she could felt something/someone touching her. Breathing down her shoulder, shivers went down Rachels spine. Rachel wasn't going to stand there and cry like a baby, instead she turned around to fine nothing there.

"It might have just been my mind playing tricks on me" Rachel said quitly. With Wille down in the forest she continued her search, Rach watched tress moving, bushes hissing and the phone light creating terrible shadows. "What was that?" she asked herself. Suddenly Rach falls trembles down the lane and loss's hold of her phone. Landing on her tummy her phone goes down further. "Arggghh" she laughts dusting grass of her top.

Walking towards her phone. She picked it up, trying to turn her phone on it was no use. Rach saw the light in front of her, running towards it she yelled "what are you doing?" jumping with excitement she was glad to see her brother down lane. "Wille what are you doing there?" Willed looked back, and walked toward her.

Rach jumped, as the Wille or should she say Ghost walked right Thur her. "Hey Wille I know it is you". Rach blinked and just by blinking once the ghost/person was gone. "Wille s-stop playing trick on me" Rach closed her eyes for a while, as she closed her eyes she saw a man holding a ax, he then killed Wille.

"Will?!" Rach yelled, "Seriously I know your there". She then decide to close her eye, then the vision came again, but instead the man was holding a ax and Rach herself was running. Opening her eyes, she saw the ghost starting to fade away. She saw her life flash back to her and in a momment, she was on the ground.

Out came Wille "10 for me and 1 for you". Don't mess with the master mind.

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