Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wellington Trip ( Part 2 )

(Unfortunately we weren't aloud digital devises in parliament so no photos were taken, so goes for the rest)

12:30: Parliament Tour!
WOW so going into parliament, is just the same as the airport.  You have to go thru the security check, and all objects must be put in a, tray that then gets put away in a little closet. “Education Room here we come” I said quietly to myself. After putting all our electronic things, in the tray we were off the Education Room. In the education room, we then got asked to sit in different position. I was sitting the Finance Chair, I didn't get what it meant but our teacher said that I was a very important seat. A couple of questions went by, then the question I was looking forward to came across "What are taxes?" all our hands went up, "Ohh oohh me me" her hand came towards me then to the other side. In the end all of us had a turn at telling her what taxes are.

1:00: Te Papa
We have currently just came back from Parliament, and the weather so far is starting to get worse. It is raining like crazy. Now we are off to Te Papa to have lunch and get ready for our rides. Brilliant. ****** Wahha we have just got here and it is impressive, there is a massive ball in the middle, of the museum, and you can roll it around.  *********  IMMMMM yummy yummy food. A fruit kebab a cookie and sandwich what more can you ask for. Just time to eat.

1:15: Rides
"Mrs Burt what is our first ride?" "Um, the deep ride" It was time to head off to our rides, but just to before that we had enough time brows around the museum. We first went to quake house. It was house that was damaged, we first watched it on the T.V then we waited for 3 minutes, then "Shake shake shake" the house went. "Arrr" we all shouted. It was another 15 minutes till it was our first ride. We then decided to go hang around the area, where the ride was.

2:15: The Deep Ride
"Hold On tight" said the captain of the submarine. Sitting right and the front was amazing. You probably be wondering why it was called "Deep Ride". I was called that for a reason, the vehicle that we were on was a submarine, and it went into the hart of the ocean, we experienced so of the worlds most horrible eruptions and we had the biggest crashes. Next ride, the High Ride

2:20: More time to browse
We have just got of the submarine and we have more time brows around the museum.

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