Thursday, May 9, 2013

WILL.I.AM Surprise ( Black Eyed Peas Member )

Today, was super super awesome, we had one of the members from the Black Eye Peas, come to our school, Yes! our school. WILL.I.AM came to our school to give us a very big donation of 100,000 dollars, that sure is a lot right!  

But the money is not for us, the money is going towards our Digital learning. And the Manaiakalani Education Trust, not only that they get it, but it is because they help us out on our learning. Such as our Netbooks and our Multimedia. 

WILL.I.AM is such a big Inspiration to me and my friends, the most inspring thing he said to the Year 8th AKA 8th Graders that he said was to " Pick Good Friend ". Hallenstein brothers are clothing shops for men, The company Hallenstein brothers, gifted him with a ( Green Stone ) Poanumu

We hope you have enjoyed your time with us WILL.I.AM, We sure did LOVEEEE our time with you. Hope ou came back to our school, thanks for the gifting of the 100'000 dollars it really dose mean a lot.

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  1. Hi Lesieli,
    You had a really good story about Will.I.Am. It was really instersting reading it. I like how you used big words in there. I love your work you do!! Keep it up and keep on going!!

    From Quasia