Monday, May 20, 2013

The Haunted House!

On a cold windy day in Salt Lake City, Jessica, Mia and Hannah went hunting for a new house, that had 3 bedrooms. Turing into Roslyn Road they noticed a house that was for rent, and it also had the right numbers of Bedrooms. “This is the one” Mia said.

Making there way to see what the house looked like, Jessica saw are person wearing a White cape “Could it be” she said “Is it a ghost?...... “Ahhh” she screamed “Its a ghost” running out of the house they thought that it was just their eyes.

“It was just your eyes” Mia said. “Tick Tick Tick” went the clock, and “Mia Mia” went a whisper. Walking around the house without a clue knowing who it was, they saw a Orange Sign, SAYING: HOUSE HAUNTED TAKE THE KEY IF YOU DARE TO LIVE HERE!

As they were reading the sign, Hannah felt someone touching her. Screaming and shouting “Don’t kill me Don’t kill me” Rose Jumped out of nowhere and said “GOT YA” “I have scared you once again” “ and now I am the queen of scarring”

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