Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nothing better than having a day of ATHLETICS!!!

There's nothing better than writing about Athletics. Today Pt England had a hole day of sports and exhausting activities. We had fun and played a lot. Every time I lost, I would  get mad. The most fun event was sprinting .I felt like ice cream, But we were not allowed out of school grounds. The Day had came to the end I nearly came 1st in Shot Put but came in 5th.........

Athletics is the best sporting event in school!
The hardest activity I ever did was when I  tried to do the triple jump
High jump was kind of hard because I couldn't do it
Lifting the shot put was so heavy                              
Every time I lost, I would  get mad                                
The most fun event was sprinting
I felt like ice cream
Coming to the end of the race, I almost came 3rd place
So much had been done by the end of the day.

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