Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thinking hats

Yellow hat , What i have enjoyed
I have enjoyed going on Math - whizz and also having
Math with our teacher Mrs King .

Black hat , Thing that i didn’t enjoy
I did not enjoyed doing Cross Country because we had to go
up and down hills and we went bush running .

White Hat , What I have learn't
This year so far i have learn't how to make alfajorcitos and also
I learn' t my faction .

Red hat , How do i feel .
Overall this term I have felt Excited and also not because it
was not fun having a reliever because we had to work on paper .

Green hat , What I found Interesting
I found our Topic really really fun because it was all about the
ball and we had this New game called Aussie rules and it was fun .

Blue Hat , What could have done to make my learning better
I could of listed to make me learning better and also get a better life
when I grow up .

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