Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Que bueno son Los alfajorcitos . Muy delicioso . Room 13 made alfajorcitos for a special treat .

Alfajorcitos is the most famous thing in Argentina it is popular and the smell of dulce De leche made room 13 cool as we created these Argentina sweets. Alfajorcitos are from Argentina. They are popular in that country .

First we got out all the ingredients and started. Next we grabbed the biscuits and we spread the dulce de leche we had to spread a lot to make it sticky. Then we sandwiched the biscuits together . After that we had to put coconut around the biscuits . After that we rolled it together and made it in to a Alfajorcitos .

I enjoyed this experience. We made it pretty well and we had fun making it . loved it because it was lots of fun and it was also tasty and yummy . I had a nice snack and it was delicious .

I had fun making it and it was yummy and also taste . I loved it and now it is my favorites snack , I had a nice day and .

My favorite part was when we sated eating it was so yummy and I loved it . and we were having fun making Alfajorcitos .

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