Monday, February 28, 2011

Chirstchurch Earthquake

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On Tuesday 22nd of February Christchurch was hit by an 6.3 magnitude earthquake ,of 5km depth at 12.51pm Building were damaged, people were trapped under collapsed buildings and kids were rushing from school to get to their homes.

More then 60 people have died in this disaster. Rescuers had arrived from other places around the world to come and help one another. Lots of people has lost their lives and people have been searching for lost bodies and loves ones throughout the night
Some people will have to sleep in their cars our in the tent at the park, as their homes are completely destroyed and dangerous.
This is the 2nd earthquake at Christchurch the 1st earthquake was 7.1magnitude and it was 33km depth at 6am. That earthquake struck in September of 2010.

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