Friday, February 18, 2011


On Thursday room thirteen had baseball first we had to listen to what Calo says after that we had to combine in to two group the colors was blue and red the reds was left and the right was blue first was the red after was the blue it was so so fun that today we a having baseball today again then Miss king came along and stare to join with us the fun thing was that we got to sat in the shade when it was my turn I ran to the first cone then Thea got me with ball so i had to go back and sit in the line
I felt happy because it my first time playing baseball.
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  1. Hi Lesieli,

    My name is Nickolas Sullivan and I am a secondary math education major at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I am a student in Dr John Strange's EDM 310 class where we learn about technology in education.

    I'm glad you enjoyed playing baseball for the first time, I always enjoyed playing it too. It's unfortunate you got tagged out at the first cone. I always found the excitement of waiting to run to the next base funnest parts of the game. What was your favorite part of the game?

    1. Hi Nickolas,

      Thank you for leavaing this comment. I'm looking forward to seeing more comment from you to tell me on what I need to work on. And yes I will comment on your blog!!!.

  2. Hey Lesieli,
    What a lovely story about baseball. I like the way you put lots of emotion, It felt like I was really there. You already look like your a professional in the photo! Good Luck for your next game! Keep up the good work.

    From Seini-Mino

    1. Hey Mino,
      Thanks for leaving me this comment. I'm look forward to leaving some comments on your blog!!! And write more cause You might win a blogger prize just like me!!.