Friday, August 14, 2015

Hobsonville Point Primary School - GEG NZ

On Wednesday the 12th of August, the Year 7 & 8 students of Extension got the opportunity to attend GEG NZ Sumit Group 2015 ( Google for Education Groups New Zealand ). This year marked the first year of it being held, and the students of Pt England Extension were lucky enough to be apart of this event.

The trip to Hobsonville was a 1hr drive, and it was pretty exhausting especially when there was no music. We arrived at HPPS (Hobsonville Point Primary School) at quarter to 9:00, just in time to collect our Swag Bags which included a map of the school, our own name tags and a bag of bagel chips, finally it was time to get GEG NZ for 2015 started.

We walked towards the school gym which was located down the hall, and we grabbed a seat. The HPPS ambassadors, lead the beginning with a Himene and a few words, they gave us house keeping rules and the day was started.

Our First session was located just down the hall 7B. We rushed down towards the classroom to find that it was packed with a whole range of people from different schools. Finally we were seated, the session started off with tips about ‘Stratch’ , how to work it, what the program features are and how the characters works.

Next, we moved onto the 2nd part of the session which was playing with the Makey Makey. The Makey Makey, was a little tool that had a lot of wires, firstly we were given a bag that included the Makey Makey, Play Dough and a whole bunch of wires.

The first thing we did was hook up the wires to the makey makey, then we made a object with the play dough, secondly my group and I plugged the black cord to the object that we made, which was a snow man, then once the the snow man was touched the sound that was put into scratch will play, and the commands that were given to the character will do what it was told to do.

Session two was just near, and we knew that our group was presenting. Our
group presentation was based on PENN (Pt England News Network), we told the audience what it was all about and how it worked. Then it was time to get the audience involved, making there very own PENN episode.

Firstly we spilt the crowd into 4 groups of 4, then it was time to put there acting skills to the test, each person had the chance to present each topic, everyone had a sentence to say. After recording the PENN made at GEG NZ was done, and was ready to be broadcasted.

In my group, there was Myself, Josephine, Stevenson, Jordan S, Ana V, Khaia, and Paige.

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