Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Miracle at Birth.

All three weighed 4lbs 11ozs, and two were conjoined while one, Catalina (above), was not.

babiesMiracle at Birth 

A women in Texas U.S.A has beaten one in a 50 million odds, by giving birth to triplets, however there is a catch, two are conjoined at the pelvis. ( lower stomach region ) Mrs Silvia Hernandez and her husband were thrilled to find out they were having triplets, but despite that their were health concerns for two of the girls that were conjoined at the pelvis.

The 3 baby girls all weighed approximately 3 pounds so therefore they are severely under weight.
It is extremely rare to give birth to triplets but more abnormal when they are identical the odds are 1 in 60,000 to 1 in 200 million.

Dr. Haroom Patel a surgeon at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christ, said, ‘It will be at least six months till the conjoined babies, who share one colon, will be separated’ but until then the girls will be one.

One in a million conjoined twins survive child birth which means that Silvia giving birth to triplets and them surviving is unusual. Silvia, her husband and their son welcomed the 3 baby girls, Catalina, Ximena and Scarlett were born Saturday at Corpus Christi Medical Center in South Texas.

Mrs Silvia stated on Facebook the truth of this horrific journey. 'The truth is I cried, not because of how the babies would look because we knew we would do our best to give them the best and most productive life possible,Mrs Silvia said “I cried because the doctor said we had to understand and accept the fact that once they were born they could die”

Funding pages have been set up for the family to help them pay for the triplets medical bills. The conjoined babies will be going through surgery before they can be separated

~ Lesieli Vala

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