Friday, October 17, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Term 3 has came and gone and I must admit it was a pretty hard term, but now, after all the things that we have done I have to say I'm excited to see what this term brings, standing at the back of the hall fascinated at the way people dressed I was surprised by our topic.

Mr Burt had a device tapped to his stomach, others were dressed as french artist, and some were dressed in colours from the colour tray. Art Attack was our theme so all teams were assigned to prepare a show/play about the main topic that they would be talking about.

Time flew fast and it was the last team, Team 5. In my head I was absolutely blank I had no idea what was happening. I sat there and looked at the way they painted, steady strokes was made through the Team 5 performing session.

I looked towards the board where the 3 pieces of papers, 2 was black and one was white. Ms Langitupu was on the left side along with Ms Paget, in the middle was Mrs Nua and Mrs Squires, and on the right was Mr Barks and Mrs Clark.

At first I thought the paintings were ninjas but as the photo started to fall into piece I started to see what they were drawing. I call it body painting it were you create a image that look like something else but really its a body part. Like today the body part was a face.                                                                                                                                                                    There were 3 faces Mrs Langitupu and Mrs Paget was painting Mr Jacobsen, Mrs Nua and Mrs Squires painted Mrs Jarman, and Mr Barks and Mrs Clark had the chance to paint Mr Burt.

Over all the day was great, watching all the performances gave me sense of what teams were learning about.

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