Friday, October 10, 2014

Elections 2014.

I woke up at 6:00 ready to go to Whangarei, but wait were was my aunty. I jumped up and ran towards the door, just find she was gone. 20th September, it's elections day today that's right I forgot she had told me the other night she's going to go and vote before we go.

The General Elections took place on the 20th of September it's where Party's are determined to rule the New Zealand Parliament , and come head to head with each other and battle for New Zealanders vote. 

It was half past 6:00 and my aunty had returned, me being nosey I asked her who she had voted for. She replied 'If only we were aloud 2 votes'. Her husband voted for something else and she had voted for a different party.  

National is promising One – they live within our means. Two – they start paying off debt, and 

Three – they will keep generating new jobs as well as working for New Zealand Families and Local Communities

Labour is promising that they will make sure that Kiwi Kids get a good start in life, the Policies will give parent more time to actually be parents and they will empower young student to succeed at school as well as outside school. 

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I would of liked Labour to win, but labour fans should be grateful that labour won some seats.

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