Friday, June 13, 2014

Writing Sample.

I looked towards the timer, it was only 18 more seconds till we were on court. Our team did our last touch ups and then, it was time to play. Despite the terrible weather, we still played.  The 1st Quarter started and we were ready to play, even though it wasn’t the best weather we continued to do our best. The Umpire blew the whistle.  It was time to play.

The umpire blew the whistle once again, just to make sure we were in position. It was then time to throw the ball, our center *Quasia had the 1st throw off.  Running towards her, Mary yelled “Quasia” the ball went into her hands, I dropped back thinking the ball will come to me. But it was the other way around, the night was so terrible that the brisk wind, blew the ball out of Mary's hand and went rolling away. Could it get any worse?

I took one look at the timer there was only 4 minutes left. “Come on girls” I yelled. Remuera girls were so hard to keep up with, they had pretty good players I have to admit. The ball went from girl to girl, and final into their hoop. I took one last look at the timer and there was only 5 sec left. I stood there lost, “Where’s all the rest of our girls?” I asked myself.

I looked around to see only 7 players, and no subs. “EGGGEH” the buzzer went. We all ran towards our coach “Wheres all our players?”I asked.  But there was no time to answer because it was time to play. It was the 2nd Quarter and it got more terrifying, the rain, rained harder than ever. And worse I was shooter, every time I attempted to shoot it in the wind will blow it towards the other players from the opponents. “Dang” I said.

Quarter after Quarter, it got even worse. The wind was rag dolling me around. The brisk wind, was blowing more harder. My uniform was soaking wet, and the ball was super slippery. Overall we won by 3 the score was 11-8

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