Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Picnic. ( Narrative )

The sun was shining on my face and drops of sweat came down my face. "Thanngg it is sooo hot." I said to my uncle. Looking around I saw my family have a enjoyable time. My aunty and I was making the food. Everyone was everywhere, weather it was doing swimming, jumping of the bridge or even making sandcastle's. The older ones were playing rugby on the other side. " Is it ready yet?" asked by cousin. "Soon" replied my aunty and I. With the heat rising from the BBQ I couldn't stand it. "Hey aunty, me and Lia are going to go for a swim"

"This goes here." I instructed my little brother. "Noo! Can we put this next to the big one." complained my brother. Building a sandcastle was harder than we thought it would be. Everything was going perfectly fine, until my cousin ( Lia ) saw someone kayaking. He was great, knowing it was only him on the kayak he was fantastic. Watching him, we were starting to wish it was us on that kayak.

All of a sudden the kayak man got his paddle stuck in the water. He was rocking the kayak side to side to try and pull out the paddle. Before we knew he fell out of his kayak. Thinking that he will be able to pull himself back into shore, we just stood there. My cousin and I saw him waving and screaming out for help. "What should we do Henley?" I asked. "We should go and get help." my brother claimed. Sprinting like cheetahs to our aunty we told her the bad news, calling her husband and telling him the bad news he ran to the speed boat, "Where is he?" our uncle asked "He is over there near the boi/boy". In rescue mode, he zoomed over so fast that the wave were getting bigger and bigger that he didn't even notice.

The boat came back. Everyone was clueless. Was the man okay, was he dead? did my uncle save him? There he is I said in the back of my head. The man was okay but his kayak looked as if it had just be plucked out from a sharks mouth. After all that mess we continued with our picnic. The food was ready by the time my uncle came back. “Would you like to stay and have something to eat?” My uncle asked. “Yes please.” he replied. At the end of the day we were glad that we found him in time.

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