Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Museum Trip

Yr 8's have gone out for the week and it just us Yr 7's here. Every year when the Yr 8's have gone the year 7's get the opportunity to go on a trip. This year we went to the Auckland Museum. Nine groups were made and along with the groups were parent helpers, since half of the staff were at camp.

Bus Ride:
The bus ride to the museum was pretty quite in our bus, the girls just sat at the back staring at one another and there were the boys just sitting there. I thought to myself, something going on, but I opened my eyes to realise we had less people in out bus then the other. We were just minutes away from the Museum.

To start of the we the day we had morning tea in the Kai room, after eating we had our bag locked up. I was in Mr Barks group and to start our tour, we first headed to the Maori area. As part of the day, we had a worksheet that we had to work on. On the worksheet we were told to draw patterns from the areas that we visited.

Next We had a wonder around, to the places that was required to go to.

As part of our Art Attack theme, one of our activity's where taking photos of specific things. Quasia and Myself were the photographers for our group for the day. And we took great photos, we took photos of flowers and more. Our group was lucky enough to go down to the pond, where baby ducklings had been.

Overall the day was great! We had a great time, even thou it's nothing new!

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