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Professionally developed 28 years ago Kin-Ball was created in Quebec, Canada as a way for P.E. teachers to get their needs of their education program. Kin-Ball involves Teamwork, Cooperation, Speed, Agility and Strength. 

Kin-Ball is game played all over the world such as Canada, the U.S., Japan, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Malaysia. Kin-Ball has grown internationally and is played by approximately Four million people out of sixteen countries worldwide. Just like any other game, Kin-Ball has an international tournament every 'Other' year. Kin-Ball has the capacity to be an Olympic Event.

A game of Kin-Ball is timed from 7 minutes to 15. Kin-Ball can be played indoors and outdoors too. 
The games have three periods lasting 7 to 15 minutes each, depending on the age level of the players, with a one-minute swap/break between each period. Teams have 4 players each, all players wear a jersey of a different colour, with grey, pink and black being the official colours. In Quebec blue was replaced by pink in 2004. In the beginning of each period

In Kin-Ball there are rules, which apply to each and everyone who is participating in the game. There are also really basic steps that has been written down below, for you to follow. To fine more information visit The Offcial Kin-Ball site.


• A KIN-BALL Sport ball is four feet and weighs two pounds.

• There are three teams of four players on the court at once.

• The official colors of the teams are pink, gray, and black. 

• There are three 15 minute periods in a match.

• KIN-BALL Sport is played on a 70’ X 70’ court;
no nets or goals are needed.

• To serve the ball, all members of the team must be touching the ball. Three players kneel under the ball to stay out of the way while the fourth member serves.

• The receiving team members must try to gain control of the ball using any part of their bodies and then re-serve the ball.

• Scoring: If a team drops the ball or commits any other fault, both of the other teams receive a point.


  1. Yelling the color of his/her own team when hitting the ball.
  2. Yelling the color simultaneously with hitting the ball.
  3. Allowing the ball to touch the walls of the room without the named team touching it.

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