Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cause and Effect Chart.

Cause and Effect Chart
This week for reading we have been reading about, how farming effect the environment. I have made a cause and effect chart about what has happens, and how it effects the public. I have listed down a number of things.



Sprinklers have sucked all the water from underground. To produce water for sprinklers.

Since all the sprinklers have sucked the water there is grass for cows, but none for the environment.

People that are living on hills have been cutting pohutukawa trees, to get a better view.

Contaminated/Unstable soil is a problem for health and people, because it is causing major dust storms.

Now that sprinklers have sucked all the water, the farming industry is starting to get water from Rivers, Streams, and lakes.

This has caused White Bats,  Eels and more species that live in lakes/streams to die.

Sometimes farmers often drain too much water from underground. To make land dry enough for stock and cropping.

Too much water taking can lead to the lost of very important wetland.

Soil Erosion is a ongoing problem in  New Zealand. 200 and 300 tonnes of oil is taken out to sea every year.

Even though there is a lot of soli lost, farming industry continues to be the leading cause of erosion.

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