Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

The 21st century has more modern ways to learn. For example, the Manaiakalani cluster schools now use  netbooks. The basic way to explain this, we have gone digital.

As a year 6 student of Pt England, I have had my netbook for a period of 3 years, and to be honest I have no clue what education was like before that. As well as it being our school digital device, it has been in the homes of students, bags and other places. Whether it was for education, freetime, television or communication.

In the past 4 terms, our 3 teachers in our classrooms  have been teaching us all kinds of things. Whether it to do with Maths, Reading or Writing. This year there was one significant  thing that I learnt and that was what our year 6 ambassadors do, being seen around the world.

The number one thing that I like about my awesome, netbook is that I can learn from the internet. At times when I am bored, I enjoy learning how to play different songs on the online piano. Fantastic!  I learn At any Pace, At any Place and from anyone, And that anyone is definitely the internet.

This digital device, has helped me to improve on my key competencies. Working with others is so easy to do, sharing docs, presentation, spreadsheets and working together to finish out work.

Drawing and paintings are boring but, with the help of  our digital devices we are able to create a visual image, movie, animation simply by using applications, on our devices.

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