Thursday, November 26, 2015

Film Festival

I pushed in line of my fellow peer’s and made my way to the front, finally I was in the bus. On Wednesday the 11th of November our annual Film Festival was held at the Extreme Screen in Sylvia Park, our school along with Ruapotoka School had a combined session.

This year was Ruapotoka’s very first year being present at the Film Festival this meant it was their first year entering their movies. We entered Theater two and found Ruapotoka already seated. Listening, Silence and appropriate applause was compulsory throughout the screening of the movies.

Finally I was seated, it was time to get this started. The movies ran by fast and already we went across a lot of amazing movies.  All of the movies were absolutely amazing but we came across one that I really really loved. Law and Order - Room 1, Pt England.

Their movie was based on the use of our language, and how sometimes what we say may seem like joke, but really could be offending. The actors were amazing. Overall the Manakalani Film Festival was a huge success, it was an amazing day.

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