Saturday, January 19, 2013

Having Cake For Desert.

Having Cake For Desert was such a blessing. Today for Desert we had cake which to me looked like a Pavolova to me. As the cake was all done we made a quick rush to the table. I was the first one there so I got pick anything I wanted. I got me Cake and that was it. Then I took photos with the cake.

This is me with my Cake doesn't look YUM!!!
This is the cake it looked so PRETTY!! But it was finished

This is me once again eating the Cake it was so DELICIOUS!!!


  1. Wow Lesieli! You Pavlova looks simply irresistible! I am so pleased that you are continuing to post during the holidays.

    Take care,

    Miss Ouano :)

  2. Hey Miss Ouano,
    Thanks for the lovely comment. I know my cake looks so Irresistible. And I will continune posting more blogpost. And sorry I didn't make to school to help you Clean up the classroom I got the email. But it was to late.

    Take Care,

    Lesieli :)