Monday, January 7, 2013

Double Lunch and Dinner.

It was another great day for me and my siblings as we had Double's for Lunch and Dinner. To start of the day Me and my dad went and bought some food. We fought that weren't going to have dinner so you ate a lot of things such as Mac Donald's and Butter Chicken And Sushi. 

My dad suggested that we should have our food there, so we sat down and began to eat. I had Mac Donald's and my Mum and Brother had Butter Chicken and my Dad had Meat and Sea Food Salad.

Then as we finished our food my brother said that he wanted some Ice-Cream. So we got up and ordered some. We had to scoops each my Flavors were Lime and Chocolate with Peanuts. 

After that my dad said that he wanted to buy use some Jewellery from Passcos. So we went and bought us some. My brother  got him a Watch and I got me some Earnings. He told me that he wanted me to keep. He wanted it to be my Christmas Present.

Then we came back home and took random Picture's with my dad's Ipad. 

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