Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympic Torch...

During the Ancient Olympic Games, a flame was lit from a bowl and stayed lit until the Games were completed. The Flame symbolizes the Death and the Birth of the greek heroes.

The torch was lit at Olympia in Greece and then carried by a relay runner. This runner had to run from suburb to suburb.  

The Olympic torch will take a journey across Britain. When it arrives it will be taken from the last runner and will be put into a safe place. This Torch will be lit until the olympic has completed.

For each Olympic game there will always be a new Touch design to be carried around the world.

This flame will be touring around the country and will be going for one person to another.
The flame is normally taken around by people Running,Walking, Horse Ridding or Camel Ridding. Sometimes it can even be flew on a computer. 

The last runner carries the torch into the Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony. The flame is then lit from the torch and will remain lit until it is extinguished during the Closing Ceremony.

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