Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exhausting Cross Country


How was your first cross country practice? In the past few weeks we have been practising and what we did was we ran two kilometres. It really felt like a marathon but it was actually not.

Why were you practising? I hear you ask, well cross country running is a sport in which people run in. Cross Country has been the besties days in the world.

On Friday Pt.England School had been running Cross Country. This include the whole school and even the teacher’s. Sometimes even the helpers run.

Walking down to the bottom field we heard the clapper. “BOOM” of went the 9 year old girls and boys. The 9 year old girls and boys had the same run as the 10 year old girls and boys.

Then it was time for the 10 year old girls to come up to the starting line, “BOOM” went the clapper. Running towards the footpath I already had mud on my legs it was really tiring having to run through that mud.

While I was running I felt stuff going up my pants, and guess what it was? Mud wow, how could mud run through my feet up my legs and back down again. How awesome is that? MAYBE THE MUD LIKES ME, just kidding.

Running up and down through the paths was really tiring, especially having to run through the mud patches. When I was running I saw my friends shoe in the mud. “WHAT?” I hear you say.

Having fun and running I didn't realize, but we were near the end. “ BIG FINISH BIG FINISH”, yelled Mr Jacobsen. I ran as fast as I could and ended up slipping to the finish line.

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